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Nuneaton, Warwickshire
£9 - £10/hour Sleep ins a
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Job Purpose

To provide support to individuals in order to enable them to achieve as much independence and autonomy as possible and participate in a wide range of experiences of their choosing.

The duties of a Support Worker fall under the following competencies:

Section A: Support and Care

Section B: Team Working

Section C: Planning, Organising & Recording

Section D: Health and Safety

Section E: Professional Development

A. Support and Care:

Support individuals to lead a full and active life in line with their wishes and choices, considering their assessed needs. Get to know people as individuals, what is important to them, how they want to be supported and what they want to achieve. Have a flexible and innovative approach to facilitating and supporting the people who use our service in decision making, promoting choice and involvement at all times.
Support individuals to stay safe, taking appropriate action to safeguard their welfare and protect them from abuse wherever possible.
Provide individuals with emotional support when needed whilst maintaining a person-centred approach with all aspects of individuals’ support, adapting to their different individual needs.
Support individuals to participate in their chosen activities and to access other services and facilities within their community.
Support individuals in achieving their outcomes in the way that they choose. Support individuals to maintain and extend an appropriate circle of support (friends, family etc) in accordance with their wishes.
Support individuals to manage their finances responsibly as required in accordance with safeguarding procedures, support plans and risk assessments in line with the organisation policies and procedures.
Support individuals to manage their medication responsibly as required in accordance with safeguarding procedures, support plans and risk assessments in line with the organisation policies and procedures and following any other relevant guidance provided by health professionals. In registered services, NICE guidelines will also apply.
Support individuals to maintain a clean and safe environment appropriate to their needs.
Be respectful to individuals at all times, promoting their dignity, privacy and individuality, ensuring that confidentiality is maintained.
Enable individuals to make their own choices and decisions by providing information to them in a way they can understand in order to support them to have a voice and be heard.
Sensitively and respectfully support individuals with their personal care/hygiene and healthcare as required.
Raise individuals’ awareness of healthy living and enable, encourage and support them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, providing guidance as needed.
Ensure that individuals are supported in line with their individual support and care plans and participate in the development of support plans as required.
Ensure that individuals are supported in line with their individual risk assessments and participate in the development of risk assessments as required.
Ensure that individuals are supported in line with the Mental Capacity Act.
Provide housing related support, including enabling individuals to maintain their tenancy where applicable.
Support people who challenge, using agreed, person-centred methods in line with their individual support plans and risk assessments, and the relevant training provided.
Undertake key-working responsibilities as directed.

B. Team Working:

Work positively with others who have a role in the life of those we support, both within and outside the organisation.
Provide an informal point of contact for those in the service user’s circle of support (e.g. families, social workers)
Contribute to positive team-working, ensuring consistency by following, reviewing and updating agreed support plans.
Attend and participate in individuals’ reviews as required.
Attend and participate in regular individual and group supervisions, implementing agreed action plans.
Contribute to a working environment that enables new and existing staff to feel valued and able to seek guidance if needed.
Work positively with colleagues in order to ensure difficulties are resolved as a team (e.g. staffing services)
Ensure communication is positive and professional at all times, whether spoken or written.
Present the service in a positive light and be proactive in making suggestions for how to improve the service.

C. Planning, Organising and Recording:

Ensure relevant records are accurately maintained and completed in a timely manner consistent with organisational policies and procedures.
Accurately report and record any incidents and accidents to the appropriate persons, in line with policy and procedures including the use of ERIC (Eden Recording Information Collecting system)
Maintain accurate finance records for individuals in line with organisational guidelines, policies and procedures.
Accurately report and record any issues related to the care and support of individuals in order to effectively monitor their health and wellbeing, in line with regulatory requirements.
Participate in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of support and care plans in partnership with individuals and others involved in their support

D. Health and Safety:

Be familiar with and work within the health and safety policy and procedures, following agreed risk assessments and risk management plans.
Be responsible for complying with Health and Safety regulations and have regard for the health, safety and welfare of self and others.
Conduct fire drills and test alarms, smoke detectors and other safety equipment as required.
Ensure Health and Safety folders are accurately completed in a timely manner.
Report any issues, incidents or concerns in respect of Health and Safety to the line manager or local Health and Safety Advisor.
Use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) provided in line with guidance and training at all times as appropriate.
Use all other equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and organisational guidelines and training.

E. Professional Development:

Attend all mandatory training and any other training deemed necessary for the role
If appropriate, complete Care Certificate within the agreed timescales.
Undertake qualifications if necessary or appropriate (e.g. Diploma in Health & Social Care)
Attend and participate in regular individual and group supervision meetings and annual Personal Development Reviews (PDRs).
Keep up to date with all procedures and guidance from the company
Actively update knowledge and experience through attendance on training courses and participation in other learning activities.
Actively seek further training or development in relation to the specific needs of the role.

This job description lists the main areas in which you will be expected to provide support. Additional, more specific tasks may be required according to the needs and wishes of the individual that you are supporting.